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Traditional polish dishes – you must try!

Going to visit Poland? You must try some traditional polish dishes!

It’s hard to imagine traveling abroad without tasting the most famous foods of your chosen destination.

Food in Poland is something you need to experience!

Potatoes are a staple of the Polish diet, acting as a building block for a variety of foods. Cream and eggs are heavily used as well, although modern interpretations of some dishes may use lighter alternatives. Traditional Polish cuisine also features many kinds of soup made with mushrooms, broth, and beets. Polish food also consists of a lot of meat and cabbage.

My favorite dish is Pierogi

I've made a selection of the dishes that are the most traditional, in my opinion.

Pierogi - Polish dumplings - are one of national dishes and for sure one of the best recognizable Polish foods, they make it in different ways, for example with cheese & potatoes, with mushroom & cabbage, with meat,

or sweet like with strawberries, blueberries or sweet curd cheese.

This is a lesson if you want to try make pierogi

Kopytka - Hooves dumplings, are kind of Polish gnocchi. Kopytka are often eaten plain or with butter or meat sauce.

Kluski slaskie - Silesian dumplings, are a special kind of potato dumplings. Silesian dumplings are characterized by their great softness and a delicate flavor. Kluski slaskie are made from cooked potatoes and starch, and have the shape of a flattened ball with a characteristic hollow in the center. Can be eat with meat sauces or with molten smalec (lard) and onion.

Pyzy - Polish dumplings, This Polish food is made from grated potatoes and often stuffed with meat. The Polish dish pyzy is usually eaten with pork scratching, some lard or fried onion.

Naleśniki (Polish pancakes)- Typical of many cuisines, Polish nalesniki are just pancakes with various fillings (from sweet to spicy).

Kotlet schabowy (breaded pork cutlet) - This Polish food is just a pork cutlet in a coating, dished up with potatoes (sometimes chips) and vegetables.

Kotlet mielony - Polish ground cutlet, is somehow similar to hamburger meat. This is a piece of fried minced meat (oftentimes pork neck is used), previously mixed with raw egg, onion fried in butter, garlic, breadcrumbs, parsley leaves and some spices added to taste. Is served with potatoes and a vegetable salad.

Gołąbki (cabbage roll) - Polish cabbage rolls in tomato sauce. Polish golabki is a cooked knob of forcemeat wrapped up in a leaf of a white cabbage. Important ingredients are: groats (nowadays rice is much more popular), onion and an appropriate blend of spices. Sometimes mushrooms are added to the filling. Golabki are served with a delicious dense home-made tomato sauce. Polish cabbage rolls are eaten with bread, sometimes with boiled potatoes.

Bigos (Hunter’s stew) - Bigos, in English language known as the Polish hunter's stew, is one of national and traditional Polish corse. The main ingredients are the cabbage, diced sausage, dried mushrooms, onion, sometimes apple or dried plums and a characteristic unchanging set of spices: bay leaf, grains of black pepper and allspice. Polish first course bigos is usually eaten with bread, only sometimes with potatoes. A slice of a good sausage can be also added.

Gulasz (Goulash) - Polish goulash is made from beef, red bell pepper, tomatoes and onions. Garlic, chili pepper, marjoram, salt and black pepper are used as spices. Goulash is thinned with a vegetable broth. This food is usually served with potato pancakes.

Placki ziemniaczane - Potato pancakes, simple and good food made from grated potatoes fried in a fat. Egg, onion and spices (pepper, salt, sometimes marjoram) are added to the potato mass before frying.

Fasolka po bretonsku - Breton beans, is a food made of beans stewed with meat in a tomato sauce. Apart from white beans, less obvious ingredients of the Polish Breton beans are: diced Polish sausage, bacon, large amounts of onion, tomato concentrate and some spices. This dish is easy to prepare and has a great taste.

Śledź w oleju z cebulą (herring in oil with onion) - is a Polish specialty consisting of herrings pickled in various ingredients like with oil and onion.

Ryba po grecku - Polish 'Greek fish' / Greek-style fish, is a traditional Christmas Eve dish. is made from fish filets fried in a coating. On the top of the fish are grated carrots with onion and spices (cooked before till are soft).

Flaki – is a to tripe soup. This traditional soup is served hot and with a large portion of herbs.

Rosół (broth/ chicken soup) – is a traditional soup, It’s also easy to make at home and the only ingredients needed are water, onion, green celery, parsley, cabbage, small leek and of course the most important ingredient, chicken (any piece is ok). Season with pepper and salt.

Zurek / żurek - is kind of sour soup and is made on a base of sourdough and meat with plenty of margery. It includes pieces of white sausage and boiled egg.

Barszcz czerwony - (red beetroot soup) is another truly intense-tasting Polish soup, sometimes served up with a dollop of smietana (sour cream) on the top.

Szczawiowa soup- is made of sorrel which makes the taste slightly sour. That soup is also served with a hard-boiled egg.

Bialy barszcz soup – White borscht, is a Polish soup closely related to zurek. The bialy barszcz is brighter and almost always served with mashed potatoes sprinkled generously with bacon crackling, some fried onion, dill or parsley leaves and laid on a separate plate.

Ogorkowa soup – Polish cucumber soup, is a traditional Polish soup. It is cooked on meat stock, while grated sour pickled cucumbers (typically Polish) and diced boiled potatoes constitute the foundation of the taste.

Kapusniak soup - Polish cabbage soup, this soup is prepared from a blend of a raw cabbage and sauerkraut. Kapusniak is usually prepared on bacon or ribs stock, oftentimes with an addition of some diced sausage. This soups is sour, but less than the mere sauerkraut. Sometimes Polish cabbage soup is seasoned with a tomato bouillon, which renders its color slightly orange or red.

Krupnik - Polish barley soup, is a traditional Polish soup cooked on vegetable or meat stock with barley groats as a base for the taste. Sparse dried mushrooms or meat chunks are sometimes added.

Zupa pomidorowa/Pomidorowka - Tomato soup, is cooked on meat stock (poultry or beef). Fresh tomatoes are a base of the taste, while during the winter tomatoes preserved in jars are great substitutes. An addition of a tomato concentrate and cream emphasizes its taste. Polish tomato soup is served with pasta, but also frequently with rice or potatoes.

Some books if you want read more:

So which dish do you wanna try for first? Start from pierogi and SMACZNEGO!

Maybe some polish dessert?

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