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River Valley Argentino – Natural Park Perfect for trekking

Do you like mountains?

Do you love trekking?

I do!

River Valley Argentino – Natural Park it’s a natural park situated in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria. Situated between the Orsomarso and the mountains of Lungro. It occupies an area of 3,980 hectares inside the Pollino National Park. And is perfect to start excursions, walking and trekking along the Argentino river.

From Orsomarso to Montanaro Mountain Retreat is about 5km (more or less). You can go by walk or by your car. From there starts the mountain path long for 7km and return to the Montanaro Mountain Retreat.

First part of trekking way is not difficult, you walk along Argentino river, you can admire the nature, beautiful landscapes, you pass through a lot of bridges, you see some drinking fountains.

At the crossroads you need to choose the left one, so you can go up to the top of Valco Castel S. Noceto 610m slm.

From there is amazing mountain view and you will fall in love with it!

To back down you just need to continue your trekking on mountain path, going down the other side of the mountain. Be careful- it’s a little difficult. Continue your trekking according with the signs till Montanaro Mountain Retreat.

Notice – when you come back from Montanaro Mountain Retreat you can stop to see Ficara waterfall.

So have a fun!

If you have some question write me in the comment.

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