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How to lose cellulite?

Can you imagine –in swimsuit on the beach between other beautiful women with NO CELLULITE!!!

How it’s possible?

It is possible to reduce to minimum your cellulite!

Read on to find how to lose cellulite!

Almost every woman has some form of cellulite on either their legs, bum or their thighs. Cellulite is caused by fat that is stored in the connective tissue and accumulates in bulk, creating bumps in the skin.

Why do we have cellulite?

unhealthy diet

lack of physical activity

overall body fat

hormonal changes


don’t drink enough water

Naturally, you cannot change your genetics or have an influence on your hormones. Since most women experience some form of cellulite, it should be noted that some degree of cellulite is normal and nothing to worry about. But you can reduce it. If cellulite is something you feel insecure about, there are ways to lose cellulite, make it less apparent on your skin.

12 tips how to lose cellulite:

1. Change your diet - cellulite is often caused by accumulated fats or toxins (from an unhealthy diet);

2. Try to cut out simple carbohydrates like white flour, sugar, salt, processed foods and fizzy drinks;

3. Eat foods rich in potassium –like apricots, bananas, potatoes, ginger, artichokes and nuts with a high Vitamin E (but just handful a day - contain lots of fats);

4. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C - bell peppers, tomatoes, kiwi, oranges, berries, bananas, papaya, grapefruit, apples, spinach, carrots and avocados;

5. Limit your intake of coffee - caffeine can make cellulite worse, drink no more then 2 cups a day;

6. Stop smoking and limit alcohol – both create toxins in the body;

7. Drink more water - will cleanse your body and eliminate it of toxins and fat; the optimal amount for the human body is 8-9 glasses of water per day (read more); eat also diuretics foods: cucumber, celery, onions and asparagus;

8. Drink more liquids – like unsweetened tea, green tea, detox tea during the day;

9. Do contrast showers - shower the affected areas 2-3 minutes with warm and then 2-3 minutes with cold water;

10. Try body brushing - helps to eliminate toxins that can accumulate;

11. Cardiovascular training helps you burn fat all over your body by elevating your heart rate and metabolism. Intense cardio workouts such as running, cycling, hiking up hills, swimming, aerobics, zumba or dancing are the greatest weapons;

12. Use retinol cream - product with 0.3% retinol is best; you need to use it for at least 6 months to see effects.

Some exercises to do at home: squats, glute kick backs, dumbbell lunges can help to reduce your cellulite.

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