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Diamante (IT) - like a diamond

Diamante - is a coastal small town in the province Calabria.

Diamante is famous for his Chili Peppers Festival. Each year in early September Diamante hosts a festival celebrating the local produce, peperoncino (chili pepper). Among the other products one can find the Calabrese Bomba made from as dried strings of chili peppers which have been infused into olive oil and mixed with other vegetables and mushrooms. The festival is a major event for the small town as it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. It lasts for a full week and each day there are several events including famous plays performances, folk dances, speeches by important figures, chili eating challenges and cartoon drawing challenge.

Every year they organise special events, such as the exposition of samples of chili peppers from all around the world or research papers about chili peppers published by the local Università del Gusto. Furthermore, there are a lot of stalls set up along the seafront which sell creamed chili sauces, flavoured chocolates (chili, lemon, citron, orange, etc. flavourings), chili flavoured cheese, pottery, Sicilian 'arancini' and 'cannoli', Neapolitan 'craffa', mixtures of vegetable sauces and creames (including garlic and onion spreadables). Moreover, most of the roads into the town are very narrow and inaccessible with a car, countless little shops of handmade food and handcrafted goods can be found in these roads.

Other attractions in Diamante:

Murales – paintings outside walls of houses

The Gold Beach – the beach with the sand like a gold

Under Christmas Diamante is changing. Shine bright like a diamond – like told Rihanna. Lights, Christmas trees, shining stars, Christmas music and shopping. Look at the pictures:

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